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A visit to a gastronomy place, bars, restaurants, pubs or locals of any kind, is a usual thing for most people. The reasons to visit such a place are irrelevant. For example, it could be a celebration in a pub with friends, or a romantic dinner. Because of the popularity, such locals can be found on every corner of the city.

In a local it is always annoying for guests, to wait a long time till the host pays attention to the guest and takes the order. The relaxed situation can quickly turn into a straining one.

The solution could be a sensor built in a cup / plate that has the following functions:

  1. If the cup/plate is empty it sends a message to the host. Thus, the host is able to react quickly and take another order from the guest.
  2. The location of the cup/plate (of the guest) is identified within the location.
  3. Using the unique identification of cup/plate the host can take a further order.
  4. With the help of the identification the guest's total bill can be also tracked.
The realization of this idea is simple. We need only a detector, integrated in the bottom of a cup/plate bottom or plate. The detection of whether it is empty is determined by the weight. The difference between the total-weight and the cup-weight is calculated. If the calculated weght is below a certain limit, the plate signals to the host. The collection of data may be organized through a central computer. The central computer is also able to represent the position of the customer graphically and monitor his total bill. The order with the identification code of the plate can also be sent to the central computer by the host. At the same time is indicated in the kitchen and the ordered dish can be prepared immediately.

The advantage of this idea is that the host can meet the needs of guests in a targeted way. The host registeres promptly, if all the guests have enough to drink and to eat. By immediately transmitting the order to the kitchen, the host can use his time to its capacity and could schedule work in advance. This saves the long waiting times for guests. Due to the graphical location identification, it is possible for the guest to change the location without being afraid to miss the waiter for the next order. Due to the continuously updates of total bill by central computer, the guest and the host don’t need take any notes for it.

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