Avoidance of queues

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Today everyone is confronted with annoying queues. A waiting time up to 10 minutes can be acceptabel. Problems arise when the limit is exceeded. Such situations often occur at public authorities, doctor's practice, etc. Often, the waiting times amount to several hours.

Although there are ways to avoid the queues by tacking a number and waiting for your turn (bakery-algorithm). The disadvantage of this method is that the actual number must be tracked locally. To avoid such delays and the local tracking can be solved with simple software.

The software should have features such as:

  1. Available for everyone
  2. Freeware (or cheap)
  3. Portability (platform independence)

And should conform the following main functions:

  1. Registration of number
  2. Real-time tracking of the time
  3. Alarming
Due to the platform independence of the software, it could be installed on any computer or a mobile device. The mobile device may be, for example the mobile phone that most people carry with them. Thus the number can either be registered locally or through an online accessible computer. The actual number can then be tracked in real time via the mobile device or computer. During the waiting time the customer has time to follow other interests.

By tacking a number you will get a waiting time estimation from authority. This time includes the approximate length for a customer visit and can be seen online. This allows the customer to better estimate his further scheduling.

Using the time estimatation the software can give a message to the customer. In case of a mobile phone, it would be a normal ring tone. This ringing signals to customers how much time is left until his appointment. The message can be adjusted individually.


Person wants to attend an authority institution. I think most people have already made the experience that it is not a short walk. To avoid the queues he needs only his mobile phone or any computer. So that gets a number and an estimated time from the authority. At the same time, he can request this data via the mobile device or any computer. The person is also able to follow the numbers online. Meanwhile, he can pursue other activities (like shopping, etc.). Due to the adjustable time reporting (ring tone) he will get a signal how much time remains until his appointment. Thus, the person can appear at the authority exactly in time.
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