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"Money rules the world!" Everybody knows the saying. These days the money is one of the basic categories in our society. Whether in form of cash, a bank card, credit card, etc. Moreover there are the different identification cards, such as Health insurance card, passport, driving license, etc. Therefore, the wallet is always our personal companion. Hardly anyone leaves the house without his wallet, to have these things at hand.

The idea is a universal digital wallet, which replaces all the objects in a wallet. This wallet would have a maximum size of a single card. This card (universal digital wallet) would include all bank cards, identification cards, etc. in digital form. Access to personal data (e.g. passport, driving license, etc.) can be possible via biometric personal identification (e.g. fingerprint). And with the aid of a display, all the identification cards may be retrieved at any time. Also the universal digital wallet is suitable for any kind of payments / requests (shopping, doctor's practice, etc.). This idea combines the cash and all sorts of cards to a single card (Universal digital wallet).

The future of our society tends to become cashless. Therefore, it's a matter of time until this will be reality. Uniform agreement among different country's would avoid the compatibility problems between banks or public authorities for ever. This would be a big contribution to the globalization.

In addition, the information has the digital form, so that you can transfer these data at any time to any place. The validity of the personal data can be checked directly by public authorities only in a few seconds. The falsification of identity would have no chance. This reduces the criminalization as well as terrorism of any kind to a minimum.

Elimination of all different cards would also be an enormous relief for the environment. Because the cards are made of plastic material for the most part, the disposal has become a major problem. Remains of plastic preserve its form for centuries and don't disintegrate. The vast quantity of cards of all types cause barrels of waste, which is difficult to recycle.

This method can additionaly save enormous amounts of money, which arise from the cards production costs. The production of cards consists of two main areas. On the one hand, the production of the cards themselves, on the other hand a technology to make the cards tamper-resistant. Although the costs for production affect directly the manufacturer, the customer is always the sufferer at the end.

Everybody will benefit from the idea. Examples like shopping, key to the apartment, doctor visits, access to library / video store, travel, etc. would only be solved by universal digital wallet.

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Wow, that's an aewmose story! I'm glad you found everything, that would be so scary. Pics should be up sometime soon, I'll post a link as soon as Cassie's finished. Love you!
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