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Many manufacturers equip their vehicles with distance control systems, which warn the driver of dangerous situations. These systems are effective in situations, when you need to slow down quickly and preserve safe distance. However, statistics show that 65% of road accidents occur within the intersections, where these systems are not effective.

Our suggestion is to develop a traffic accident preventing system, which would improve traffic safety at intersections in other potentially dangerous sections of road. It consists of 2 components: Tracking and Alert Center - "TAC", and Mobile Safety Helper - "MSH". TAC and MSH are able to share information through WIFI.

TAC is set at the crossroads (or other dangerous traffic sections), and is a combination of video cameras and various sensors connected to a specialized server with the software that allows real-time tracking of the traffic and prognosticating potential dangerous situations.

MSH is mounted in a vehicle and has the following functions:

  1. Sending its ID, the current speed parameters, acceleration, the planned route, etc. to the TAC.
  2. Receiving of hazard warning from the TAC and notifying the driver about it. The MSH may also intervene in the operating system for braking control, acceleration, etc. MSH could activate the security system of the vehicle in advance (straining the belts, AIRBAG).
TAC monitors the situation on the road within an intersection continuously, the location of the vehicles on the road, their speed, acceleration, traffic light signals, receives additional information from the vehicles equipped with MSH about the itinerary, analyzes the state of the road surface and weather conditions. Based on the information received, the forecast for the development of the road situation is formed. If danger is detected, the signal will be sent to the vehicles equipped with MSH to take precautions to avoid an accident (to slow down, accelerate and other).

An example of such a situation may be a violation of the rules by one of the drivers, who is crossing the intersection at a red light. In this case the TAC will send a signal to the MSH, warning of the inadmissibility of movement despite the allowing light. The accident will be avoided.



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  1. Reduce the number of traffic accidents.
  2. Interaction between TAC and MSH will allow informing the driver objectively of the situation on the road.
  3. Will serve as a perfect complement to the existing road safety systems. Niels Gossen Niels Gossen


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The first buyers, I think, will be automakers, who are trying to make their vehicles safer, as well as municipalities seeking to reduce the number of accidents on the city roads. Anna Gossen Anna Gossen


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The competitors are the automakers, offering the vehicle security system based on the use of radars to determine a safe distance between vehicles.

The advantages of the proposed idea:

  1. Providing traffic safety at intersections and other potentially dangerous places, where other security systems are not effective.
  2. The proposed system can be installed on any existing vehicles (cars, buses, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.).
  3. The cost of MSH is very low. Everybody will be able to afford installing MSH.
  4. MSH could harmoniously complement existing security systems. Sergey Bessonnitsyn Sergey Bessonnitsyn


Mobile Safety Helper which appeared rather recently is a very good idea indeed. I've read about it long ago in one of pdf articles, and ever since was waitin for the realization of the idea, it's cool everything works now!
Palin Palin


An example of such a situation may be a violation of the rules by one of the drivers, who is crossing the intersection at a red light.
Author unknown Author unknown

No Preventive measures can prevent an Accident, if

Hey Everyone,

This idea iz cool and would help you in just preventing an damage or hurting others but what does an "Accident" mean - it means something which is unknown, unpredictable, unusual and unintended external action which occurs in a particular time and place, with no apparent and deliberate cause but with marked effects.

So letz crack our brains in POST ACCIDENTal measures which will help the victim to survive and make the best of his life.

I have a plan for the same. If interested, please revert back on

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Please no JUNKS !!!
Rajesh Rajan Rajesh Rajan


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Tim Tim
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