Turnkey mini Technology park (For up to 1000 people. Built in no longer than 1 year)

Short description

"Technology park - is a special area, where scientific research organizations, industry objects, business centers, exhibition areas, educational institutions, as well as servicing facilities are united: transport facilities, access roads, housing, security. The meaning of a technology park is to gather specialists of a common profile on a united territory of activity. Scientists are there to do research, teach at educational institutions and to participate in the process of implementing their research results into practice."

Many developing countries seek to improve the innovation component of their economies. For a variety of reasons, including competition, many technologies can not be bought on the market, they have to build and develop their own. One of the methods of development is the construction of parks, in which specialists live and work seeking a solution for a certain problem.

Cisco could build turnkey technology parks; sell technologies of building technology parks; certify existing parks and parks under construction by assigning them grades.

When creating a technology park Cisco will be able to integrate all of its products and technologies into one integral solution. Starting with WiFi routers, finishing Telepresence and technologies for data centers.

I also suggest quitting the view of the technology park as a job place. It should be a place for living. Company (owner of the technology park) can provide employees not only with the place and conditions for work, but also everything necessary for life behind the work hours. A solution would be to see the technology park as a small isolated society, living according to certain rules and laws (as a bed in a greenhouse).

Money is a powerful incentive to inspire people to do their job well. But there is a limit, when the stimulus ceases to work. The main incentive for working in the Technology Park is living in the park self. There are no domestic problems, the participants don’t have to think about them, these problems are solved for everybody. The conditions to think, create, work are provided.

It looks like a utopian model of society. This is certainly true. Under natural conditions, such a social environment can not be created to exist for a long time. But we can create such a working model artificially and support it for the time needed to solve the problem set in the park.

The idea is to implement by using the advanced technologies from a variety of areas:

  1. Building Technologies
  2. Information Technologies
  3. Social Technologies
  4. Economic Technologies
  5. Energy Efficient Technologies
  6. Transport Technologies
  7. Security Technologies (surrounding environment, social environment, personal security etc.)
Each constructed park will undergo the procedure of Cisco certification. According to its results the parks will be assigned a grade (analogous to hotels). The grade will reflect the possibilities of the technology park, its social conditions and the level of security. Thus, the stay of a young scientist in the Technology park of the 5th grade in Mogadishu will be more comfortable and safer than in the Technology park of the 4th grade in California .


Free Ultra-high speed bandwidth and a technology based local culture would get me to live there in a heartbeat. This is a very attractive proposition.
JohnBoyRox JohnBoyRox


I like the idea. A lot of Cisco existing solutions like Telepresence can be applied, maybe with slight modifications. On the other hand some of the solutions inteneded for smart cities may be prototyped in such environments (mini cities).

There are also opportunities to share resources between different parks leveraging adavanced technology tools.
selas selas


So along the same lines of "Green Cities" they could be "Green Neighborhoods". Sort of a scaled down version of a Green city. You could develop it with sustainability in mind; and based on what you suggested above, you could have a corporate partner who would sponsor the development for their employees. You would eliminate the commute for a great number of your employees, and a ton of other "Green" innovations.
JohnBoyRox JohnBoyRox


In supoprt of Richard's concern with cultural change. Lawrie's point that knowledge is no longer linear misses the point. Knoweldge has never been linear (see Kant's first critique) teaching has. What changes is that teaching no longer needs to be linear and thus can change the why we teach. Technology opens up the possibility for reconceptualising our approach and requires us to be more aware of the interrelationships between bits' of knowledge in our disciplines/vocational areas.
Chandan Chandan
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