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Such support sites for social networking as: Myspace, Facebook, etc. have become very popular nowadays. They allow users to get together according to their interests, allow them to get acquainted with each other, to communicate, to discuss various topics.

The uniting key in such systems is - common interest of the users to a particular topic - "INTEREST". At the same time, in our mobile age, there are a lot of temporary, short-life social groups of users - TSN. The key to their association is a number of parameters - "TIME + LOCATION + INTEREST".

Examples of such groups are: sports fans, visitors to the theatre, museums, cinemas, cafes visitors, buyers in a hypermarket, vacationers on the beach, etc. These users communicate through it, using WIFI mobile devices for Internet access. Fans could discuss a game and the quality of refereeing in the course of the match, the visitors cafe – the quality of the drinks or just chat and get acquainted, Fair visitors could give tips to each other, like where the next cold beer point is etc.

The idea is to create a web site as a platform that would support such short-term social groups. Using the site one can either join an existing group or create a new one. In both cases the user will need to enter his location (precision optional). This can be done manually or, if the mobile device supports this feature, using GPS. Having joined a particular TSN the user will have the opportunity to use popular services: IM, mail, file exchange, etc.

Here is a couple of examples for better understanding:

  1. Mr. Bob - a big fan of preference. He travels around the country and doesn't want to deprive himself of the favourite game, staying at different hotels. In order to find a partner, he goes to the site and creates a TSN for preference fans, specifying the location and the life-time of this group. Mr. Smith who lives in N, visiting the site, found out that there is a preference lovers group created in his town. Mr. Smith joins the group and gets acquainted with Mr. Bob.
  2. Mr. John came to a football match of his favourite team. The team is playing badly, and it is terribly frustrating. Mr. John, using his mobile WIFI device, goes to the site, enters his location and detects a TSN the members of which have long been discussing the bad playing of the team and the unfair refereeing. Mr. John joins them, he takes it easier. He makes it up with the group to meet in a bar after the match to calm down .
  3. A teenager - tourist gets lost in a foreign city. He goes to the site, enters his location and joins an appropriate TSN. He asks for help and the members of the TSN help him.
We think you can get a lot of benefits of implementing this idea on the platform of Cisco WebEx.


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  1. The implementing of the idea would provide an opportunity to create new social groups, which is difficult under normal circumstances.
  2. It would allow developing of other commercial online services aimed at the temporary social groups (entertainment, games, elections, voting, polls, quizzes, etc.).
  3. In case of implementing the idea on the WebEx platform you can increase the market share of WebEx products. WebEx will be used for home, work and entertainment. Niels Gossen Niels Gossen


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  1. The clients will be virtually everybody, from students to older lovers of quiet table games.
  2. Advertisers, who will find a new possibility of the advertisement proliferation.
  3. News agencies, will find a new way to distribute information. Anna Gossen Anna Gossen


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The competitors are the traditional support of social networking sites (Myspace, Facebook, etc.) The main advantage of the idea is that a new kind of users is targeted; new active social networks can be created, that cannot be created by competitors.

It should be noted that the existing social networks (Myspace, Facebook, etc.) are just a particular case of the suggested idea, because the networks of the users are built according only to one type of characteristics "INTEREST". Creation of social groups on the basis of "TIME + LOCATION + INTEREST" is more effective and universal. Therefore, it is possible to predict the migration of users from the "old" to a more "modern" system.

I think that this idea can easily be implemented by Cisco, as it has already the appropriate platform - WebEx. One of the options for implementing this idea might be a free WebEx client produced by Cisco and a WebEx server with refined functions for TSN support. This step will advance the WebEx products on the market.

TSN support and development can be very profitable; the example for this kind of business is described in the idea "Service for temporary social networks (TSN)" at I-Prize. If I am not mistaken, there is no implementation of such an idea, but it's in the air. You can be the first to realize it. Sergey Bessonnitsyn Sergey Bessonnitsyn
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