Optional climatic control module

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Producers guarantee the smooth performance of their equipment under certain environment conditions and in particular in a certain temperature range. Consumers install the equipment in special rooms with air conditioning and heat regulation systems to achieve the specified temperature regime.

This is not optimal in many cases because:

  1. Different types of equipment work in different temperature ranges.
  2. Cooling/heating the room itself is often a waste of energy.
In these cases it would be more preferable to provide a specified temperature range for each device individually.

At the present time there are inexpensive cooling/heating technologies, that don't take much space and have little weight.

We suggest developing a special module that:

  1. can be optionally installed in the equipment (switches, routers, servers, etc.).
  2. provides the needed temperature conditions (climate control), can cool or heat.
  3. can be combined with other external modules for better heat transfer, if necessary.
The application of this module will allow deploying network equipment in places where other means of ensuring of the environment conditions are too expensive or impossible to use.


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  1. It will expand the utilization area of existing equipment.
  2. reduce the expenditures for purchase of centralized cooling devices.
  3. reduce electricity costs spent on cooling/heating.
http://travka.de Niels Gossen Niels Gossen


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The first buyers, I think, will ISP. They will be able to reduce the cost of air conditioning system for new Data Centers significantly. They will be able to place their telecommunications equipment in unconditioned rooms, which are inadequate in terms of temperature.
http://pesennik.de Anna Gossen Anna Gossen


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It seems to me that this aspect is little developed. If I am not mistaken, there are no solutions to provide individual climatic parameters for each device separately.
Competitors are the companies offering similar solutions "InfraStruXure" (http://www.apc.com)

The main advantages of the implementation of this idea are:

  1. The module is optional. It is for clients to decide whether or not to install the module.
  2. Ability to specify the parameters of individual environment for each device.
  3. Reducing the cost of building the necessary infrastructure of Data Center.
  4. Low maintenance costs.
  5. Solution can be easily scaled in both directions.
  6. The equipment can be put in places where other means to ensure the environment are expensive or impossible to use.
http://power-idea.com Sergey Bessonnitsyn Sergey Bessonnitsyn


A great idea! I was wondering, if the temperature would be constant when you'd fill the liquids in a flask like this one.
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