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Somebody loves shopping, somebody hates it.. I hate shopping, especially when I need some definite thing in mind (say a classic blue skirt pricing not more than 50 euro, preferably my size and as soon as possible) and I have to stroll through all possible clothes shops in my city searching first the department for skirts and looking desperately for the blue colour in the clothes rows or piles and finding nothing suitable at the end. The saddest thing is the lost time.

I know, there are online shops that offer a more convenient way to search for products, but there are limited or expensive possibilities to try the thing on or to look at it the same day and there are additional efforts required for sending the things back in case I am not satisfied with something. So what I would wish for myself is an easy online service like google search, where I could enter the name of the product I’m looking for, some other details like colour, size and price, and the city. The result should be the list of the stores and their addresses in my city that have this product at the moment, preferably with pictures and concrete offers. Now I can plan my time, go only to these selected stores and look at the products live.

There is a product search from google (, but it doesn't solve my shopping problem. It is a search through some online shops, which I don't need.

The suggestion is organizing a simple web service which offers a product search function. The search should be carried out through the data bases of the existing stores. These could also be online shops to extend the choice but the real stores at the requested geographical point can be more useful.

It would be certainly a big help for those who does shopping in a foreign city or country. Without knowing what shops are located there it will be still possible to find the product they are looking for.

The idea is actually primitive and this kind of search service should be there a long time ago.. But I'm still missing it.

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