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There is the problem of illegal tie-ins in pipelines and oil stealing in the oil industry. Annual loss is enormous. The work of the security is aimed at preventing such incidents and the prosecution of criminals, but this work is not always effective for several reasons.
  1. It is very difficult to catch the thief red-handed.
  2. If you manage to hold a suspect, it is still complicated because of the fact that it is almost impossible to determine the owner of stolen oil, it is impossible to determine "Who does it belong to?" And as a consequence - it is impossible to prove the guilt of the criminal.
The result, in practice, there are only 3-5% of the total crimes of this kind proved; most of the damage is not reimbursed.
The problem of illegal tie-ins in pipelines and oil stealing in the oil industry
The problem of illegal tie-ins in pipelines and oil stealing in the oil industry

To resolve this problem I suggest applying the method of anti-criminal encoding of oil products. The idea of the method is a unique identification of objects or substances which are to be protected against theft by means of marking by a special tag carrying a unique code, which then allows you to uniquely identify the owner of the stolen product.

Micro RFID-tags with minimal geometrical dimensions (comparable to the thickness of hair) can be used in this function (manufactured by HITACHI). Also a symbiosis of 2 technologies is possible:

Micro RFID tags + SmartWater technology
Micro RFID tags + SmartWater technology

In order to mark the oil (to protect) it is mixed with a special compound in small quantity, which contains a number of Micro RFID tags. Special scanners can read the tags code. And on the basis of the code the owner is identified.

This method can be applied in hard-to-control, long-distance and potentially dangerous (in terms of theft) pipe sections. After the Micro RFID tags have been added, oil carries a unique code, with the help of which you can clearly tell from where and where to the oil was transported and whom it belongs to. In the case of theft the criminals will have the labelled oil, which exposes them fully in case of capture.

Cisco can invest in the idea and sell a complete integrated solution for the protection of petroleum products on the market. Cisco can produce Micro RFID tags, scanners, blocks of oil preparation and other required infrastructure. There are a new demanded product, new markets and new opportunities!



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