One of the twelve finalists of the I-Prize contest

AKS-team is one of the twelve finalists of the I-Prize contest. The final phase of the contest has started.

The members of the 12 final I-Prize teams live throughout the world from Canada to India and Australia to Uruguay. While many finalists work in technology, more than a few have unexpected professions, including a dentist, an industrial plumber, and a social entrepreneur.

The ideas are equally diverse. They cover innovations for products as well as services, and they address a wide range of topics. They introduce the company to new markets in the retail, industrial production, advertising, and electrical industries, as well as proposing somewhat obvious technologies for such things as enhancements to Cisco TelePresence and applications for networking routers. Here's a look at four of the remaining 12 teams.


"Ideas are, in truth, force."

Henry James

Cisco Selects Winner of Global I-Prize Innovation Contest
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Podcast about the winning idea and the contest
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