Facilitation of interpersonal communication through electronic recognizing

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In today's information world people communicate less with each other, replacing the real communication by the virtual one. Certainly, in the virtual world it is easier to find like-minded people, friends, colleagues and people with the same hobby (e.g. gamers). In the virtual world we can easily find those who we are looking for with the help of such services like search engines, forums, live journal, facebook, etc. In real life we begin to experience difficulty in simply getting acquainted with a person, talking to a person, and a chance that our counterpart can turn out to be a like-minded and have the same interests is near to zero.

How do people recognize each other? What methods do they use to show people who they are, what their views are and their interests?

We use:

  1. The clothing style (business, hippie, Arabic, Amish, etc.).
  2. Hair style (punk, emo, skinhead, military, etc.).
  3. Various attributes (a cross necklace, tattoos, bandanas, rings, fan scarves etc.).
  4. Colors (black - emo, khaki - military, etc.).
  5. Behavior (gait, gestures, facial expressions etc.).
People make huge efforts to help with various external features to mark up their community, to make it recognizable. And accordingly they recognize their associates by these signs. Not all these methods are acceptable. I find it awkward to dress up in a costume of elf and walk around the city in order to find Tolkien fans . What should I wear on myself to show people that I love LISP and looking for people with the same "disease"?

We suggest a solution to this problem - the device Smart Personal Helper (SPH), which allows people to easily find and recognize each other (in the city, an area on the street in a crowd, in a store, anywhere). SPH has a form factor of a wristwatch. He has a small screen and a built-in functional client LPS (Local Position System). More information about this can be found here.

SPH is able to show a detailed plan of the surrounding space, as well as members of the Community you are interested in. Thus, we can approach the person of interest, get acquainted and start up a conversation on the common topic. You "see" others, and others "see" you. The condition for the successful functioning of the system that you and the counterparts should wear SPH and are located in the zone of LPS. The LPS transmits a dynamically generated map of the area (offices, shops, streets) to the SPH and displays (with sufficient accuracy) the location of your interest community on it. The map is generated in accordance with the database of the Global Directory of Objects GDO.

GDO is an online database which the following records:

  1. SPH - Smart Personal Helper (each SPH has its own unique identification number).
  2. Community - a group of users with a common interest (e.g. Obama fans Pink Floyd fans, Yankees fans, graduates of MIT and etc.).
  3. Assignment of SPH to a certain Community.
  4. Maps and other objects of LPS.
  5. Security policies (rules of visibility). (e.g. I belong to 2 communities: "Obama fan" and "MIT graduates". Anyone can see me as a fan of Obama but only members of "MIT graduates" can see my MIT membership. Another example: I allow my "visibility" only in San Francisco, in all other places I'll be invisible.)
  6. Actually the LPS themselves.

Examples of using SPH:

  1. A search for someone or something. (An excursion guide "sees" the entire group and won't let anyone get lost in the crowd. A class teacher knows where each of his students is during the break or on the way home. Liverpool fan "sees his fellows" on the stadium, cafe, bar, etc.)
  2. In a store the SPH will show you its plan and arrangement of goods. As well as information about the price and the discounts.
  3. Safety regulations. In a security threatening situation the SPH will warn you of this and show the direction of exit from the danger zone. Such situations are possible during construction works, at road crossing, fires and other emergency situations requiring evacuation.

Why will people buy and wear SPH?

  1. It is a watch.
  2. It is an urban navigator. It will help navigate in space, goods, and prices.
  3. It is a system of recognizing, allows even before the conversation with a person to know what he would like to tell about himself. It allows me to get easily acquainted with people, and them to get acquainted with me.
  4. It will help in case of emergency; it will show the escape exit in a building. It can not only can show me the direction, but also tell what to do.
  5. This is a system of personal identification. It facilitates many aspects of life and enhances the level of security for me and my family.
  6. In contrast to other identification systems, I can always refuse using SPH.
  7. SPH will help your child to avoid dangerous areas. (Roadway, construction places, pits etc.)

Why will the LPS zones develop?

Private business is interested in buying and deploying its own LPS because:
  1. It will increase the competitive advantage by providing consumers with information about a product, its price and location.
  2. Customers can easily navigate in a store and will never get lost.
  3. It will increase the safety of customers due to their identification and the possibility of providing information assistance in emergency situations.
Cisco can invest in this idea and get a significant profit from production of SPH, LPS, as well as support for a global catalog of objects.


Are you really a fan of LISP?

Split P soup? Just Kidding

I like the idea of visual indicators of proximity above as well... watchface glows when in close proximity to someone you are closely matched to.
JohnBoyRox JohnBoyRox


it is a great idea, i wish you good chance to win, good luck. i promoted & invested for you ANNA.
Ahmed Sahlool Ahmed Sahlool


Ya I tohguht same thing, I tohguht the hack everything guy was doing it. So .wtf happened? this story makes no sense! There was no indication that that Jimmy guy was actually doing it! It's like they foreshadowed the other guy doing it, but didn't tie it in. Stupid ass video! lol.
Pasang Pasang
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