Traffic sign + RFID = Security + Information + Advertisement

Short description

The idea is:

  1. to equip traffic signs with RFID tags (one or more per sign).
  2. to equip vehicles with a special computer, which can read the RFID tags of the signs and automatically load a database with voice and text messages matching the RFID tags in its memory using a WIFI interface.

Let's consider a typical scenario of how the system works:

At the beginning of the route, at the entrance to a road (charging fees or free) the database with messages corresponding to certain RFIID tags will be loaded into the computer through WIFI. These will be mostly messages of informational and advertising character. Each message has a certain lifetime, after which it will be deleted from the computer's memory automatically. And there is also an irreversible database (read only) in the computer containing data corresponding to certain TAG RFID - traffic signs.

The driver, passing RFID tags (embedded in the traffic signs), will receive information about the road situation. The computer will report on the sign, and if there is an information tag, it will voice the message from the database.

The implementation of this idea will improve traffic safety, which is particularly important in bad weather conditions and in case of limited visibility.

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