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The mechanism of formation of such groups is described in the idea „Support platform for temporary social networks (TSN)". Users register on a special website (TSN-site), form networks specifying their location and interest and get a possibility to communicate with each other. A good example of such a temporary social networks is a network for sports fans.

We suggest developing a universal service of betting provided by TSN. Imagine the following situation. You are at a match of the local school football team. The stadium is full, the game is exciting. Using the mobile WIFI device you visit the TSN-site, enter your location and find a group of users, who are just like you present at the match and discuss the game and the quality of refereeing with each other. You join this group and offer to bet on the outcome of the match. Fortunately the TSN-site offers a universal betting service.

That's what you'll need to arrange the betting:

  1. Define the event - the subject of the bet.
  2. Find an opponent or opponents.
  3. Choose the judge - the person who determines the winning side. The judge is usually selected from the members of the group.
  4. Confirm your trust to this judge and his decision.
  5. Make a bet.
  6. Wait for the outcome and the decision of the judge.
TSN-site provides a mechanism for carrying out all the procedures. After betting, TSN-site, according to the decision of the judge, is conducting the calculation between winners and losers. It provides the money transfer between the participants’ accounts. A certain percentage of the won sum will be transferred to the judge and a small percentage is kept by the system for providing the service.

It is a system that serves itself, users form networks themselves, determine the subject of discussion (a dispute or a bet), can choose the judge and follow his decisions.

It's simple. The only thing that we need is to develop the functionality of the server and provide it to users.

We think this service will enjoy great popularity. There are billions of gamblers in the world and millions of events for betting. What can be more profitable than charging a percent of each bet?

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Thanks for the wutreip. I definitely agree with what you are saying. I have been talking about this subject a lot lately with my father so hopefully this will get him to see my point of view. Fingers crossed!
Christie Christie
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