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Imagine you are planning a trip to another country: a different language, different culture and customs. Despite the fact that you have carefully studied the guide and learned by heart the standard vocabulary you can not stop worrying about the future trip. Of course, you can use the services of professional guide-interpreter who would accompany you everywhere, but it is expensive and not very comfortable.

Modern technologies allow solving this problem by creating a simple, cheap in mass production device, which is a set of miniature camera, microphone, headphones and communicator connected to the Internet. In terms of design and construction, this can be made as elegant sun glasses.

At the moment you need help, you just need to push a button to connect to the round the clock support service of the "International personal assistants Service".

The operator on duty sees what you see, hears what you hear, and he/she:

  1. can interpret the foreign speech for you and offer an answer that you can repeat.
  2. tell you the way in an unfamiliar city.
  3. carry out a personal tour and tell you about all the sightseeing places.
  4. be your friend in a foreign city.
  5. and so on ...

So, the idea consists of 2 components:

  1. Personal assistant communicator and
  2. round the clock WEB service.

The Web service can offer a variety of services:

  1. Education (languages, traffic rules, sewing, car repair, cooking, etc.).
  2. Escort services (interpreter, guide, etc.).
  3. Consulting on any type of work (renovation, construction, medical treatment).
One of the advantages is that unlike with a living assistant, you can use the help of the required expert at any time. And any time you can refuse the help (disconnect) .

This project can be easily integrated with Telepresence system and perfectly complement it.


  1. Development in different directions (hobby) personal TV travel broadcast.
  2. We think that the development of this project will be interesting for the security services that are fighting criminality and terrorism, as the existing observation cameras will be supported by hundreds of thousands of personal assistant cameras. The picture from the camera can be complemented with the GPS coordinates.
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