One device - one wire, one connector

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Currently, most office and home computers have at least 2 connections to the infrastructure. These are network connection and Power line connection. This implies 2 connectors, 2 cables plus the problem of hiding all these wires .

We suggest a new type of connector which would combine both connections, as well as a new type of wire, combining the power line and optic fiber. In fact this is a refinement of a standard electrical socket and a plug through adding an optic connector.

As a result, we have the following advantages:

  1. Connecting a device to electricity, we simultaneously connect it to its network.
  2. There are fewer connections between devices and infrastructure.
  3. It is easier to connect devices to the network infrastructure for inexperienced users.
  4. The compatibility for connecting of "old" devices to the network infrastructure is preserved.
  5. The use of optical technology meets current and future requirements of the equipment to the network capacity.
  6. The use of optical technology with the power line connections is safe.
Of course, the implementation of this idea would require the development of new standards, devices, cables and the creation of new Structured Cabling System.

But it seems to me that this idea is just destined to be realised by someone in the future. It's simple and natural and modern technologies can help this idea become widespread and cheap.

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