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Human health is directly dependent on the environment, and especially on the air we breathe and the water we drink. Quality of these products affects the functioning of the human organism, its performance and overall health. The larger the city, the more it is polluted. For this reason, the purity of the consumed air and water is as relevant as ever.

Dispensers, providing households and offices with clean drinking water, are familiar to everyone. We suggest a new device - ECO-dispenser which would provide customers not only with clean drinking water but also clean air. A special feature of Eco-dispenser is that it does not require maintenance or recharging. This is achieved by connecting the dispenser to the "personal delivery networks"; air and water are delivered automatically according to the schedule of daily consumption. Delivery is realized through special capsules (containers), water is delivered as it is, the air - in a compressed form. Upon receiving the dispenser unloads the capsules into the internal buffers, and then sends the empty capsule back to the distribution center for recharging using the same network of personal delivery.

We think that the optimal (inside) size of a container can be 230x82 mm, volume about 1.2 liters. If air is compressed to 200 Bar the capsule is capable to transport about 240 liters of air volume. There may be different ways to use this useful volume, for example, instead of air pure oxygen can be transported, authorizing dispensers themselves to prepare the desired customer mixture. Another option would be to transport clean mountain air to customers , and dispense it in a bedroom and the kid room at night. If somebody has asthma, some healing air from the salt mines can be ordered, thereby ensuring the treatment at home. This is a new business, new opportunities, and a new market!

We think that we can (should) treat the air as we treat water, differentiating it into the fresh air (to breathe) and the air for technical needs (airing rooms with the aim of removing dirt, dust and humidity).

Technical air does not require conditioning and cleaning, it can be taken directly from outside. Clean air, meant to breathe, should be cleaned, conditioned or it comes through ECO-dispenser, served in those premises and at the time when people are inside.

Of course, such an approach would require redesign of houses, ventilation and air conditioning. It will require integration of the ventilation system and the "Smart Home" systems. But this is justified and needed. We make big efforts to switch off an unnecessary light bulb and save a few kilowatt of electricity, let's make some efforts to breathe clean air and prolong our life with a couple of years .

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