New Name Resolving System (NNRS)

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Consider a typical situation encountered in the world millions of times daily with millions of Internet users:

A user learned about a new product, a company and wants to go to their site on the Internet to obtain some additional information. For example, he needs to know more about the company "NewCompany". The first thing he is trying to do is to type in the browser window something like "". In most cases he will be successful; otherwise without wasting time in vain, he would appeal to a search engine for help, hoping to find the desired site among the outstanding results.

This is not optimal. We are losing time while searching. On the way to the desired result, we are forced to read the obtrusive advertising. Can we make our work more comfortable without wasting time for searching? Yes, it is possible. With the NNRS (New Name Resolving System).

NNRS is a system which is able to replace DNS and tackle its shortcomings. NNRS is able to resolve any names in any syntax in any language! It will be sufficient to type into a browser "http://NewCompany" to access the site of the company "NewCompany". There is no need in specifying the domain .com, .biz ... since the record "NewCompany" was registered in the system NNRS as a first level domain in terms of DNS.

In the past, when the speed of Internet communication channels and the computational power were low, the introduction of a hierarchical tree domain structure was justified. The load of DNS queries was distributed; a dedicated server could serve a domain zone. Zone delegating allowed decentralizing management of the entire DNS infrastructure.

Currently, high speed channels and high computational power allows for a new Name Resolving approach. A good example is the recently launched Internet services: OpenDNS, UltraDNS, and Google Public DNS. These services can reduce the response time, implement web content filtering, anti-phishing, whitelist/blacklist etc.

We suggest creating a "New Name Resolving System" which would implement:

  1. Name Resolving for standard DNS queries.
  2. Resolving any names in any syntax in any language.
  3. Registration and usage of any first level name (domain). Example: "http://AnnaGossen".
  4. Flexible delegation of rights to manage a domain zone.
  5. Searching and selecting the appropriate option when prompted for resolving a nonexistent name. In other words - the search and query features in one line. E.g.: The query for a name that does not exist "http://Company Cisco" would be resolved to the registered name "http://Cisco".
  6. The function of balancing requests depending on the load on servers. Example: The bank has a number of servers serving the payment transaction. Each server has an inverse connection to an NNRS server, so that in load case to be able to reduce the frequency of queries.
For the successful implementation of this project, we suggest to combine it with the idea of "Cisco E-Pocket". The popularity and massive use of the application (Cisco E-Pocket) the New Name Resolving Service (NNRS) will be demanded worldwide.
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I think the agnaoly of drinking from a fire hose goes back to David Shenk who used it in his book Data Smog . Although rather old still a nice read.
Carlos Carlos
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