Recognition system for small business

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Imagine that you travel around the country, in every town visiting shops, cafes, bistros. You feel that absolutely unknown people recognize you as an old friend. In the coffee shop you are offered exactly the sort of coffee that you love, and souvenir shops offer discounts as to a regular customer. All this looks like a miracle, you are pleasantly surprised and pleased.

Unfortunately miracles happen only in fairy-tales . The thing is that small businesses have successfully implemented the "Recognition system for small business". Preserving individual privacy, the system allows collecting information on customer's purchases and the services used. The system makes it possible to "recognize" the customer already at the entrance of the shop and immediately inform the seller about customer's preferences. It gives a big advantage for selling goods and services, as well as limitless opportunities for targeted advertising.

The system is based on the radio sensors that reveal the unique parameters of mobile WIFI, Bluetooth, GSM client devices. This may be "BD_Address" for Bluetooth and "MAC" for WIFI. After determining the ID of a client the information on his purchases and used services enters the CRM database and will be available to other trading network users.

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